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Accounts Receivable Financing

Financing Solutions For Your Business

Turn your accounts receivables into same day cash with invoice factoring.

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Invoice Factoring For All Your Funding Needs

Sell My Invoice is a leading Accounts Receivable Financing company providing ongoing funding for all your business needs from day-to-day expenses to company-wide expansion. We serve businesses of every size throughout the United States with factoring services, a debt-free solution to acquiring immediate revenue. Sell My Invoice will purchase your monthly invoices for cash so that you don’t have to wait 30 to 60 days or more for slow paying clients to pay their bills.

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Financing Solutions For Your Business

Sell My Invoice is here to help your business succeed. We offer several financing options to provide you with the cash you need to cover your operating costs, employee wages, and more.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring

Need cash today? We’ll purchase your accounts receivable invoices and pay you immediately. Don’t let slow paying clients hold up your business. Apply for Invoice Factoring today.

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Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing

Don’t let a lack of funds slow production or cause you to turn customers away. Purchase Order Financing can help you restock your inventory and get the raw materials you need to continue serving your clients.

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Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending

Get the money you need quickly without waiting for weeks or months to obtain bank approval for a business loan. An Asset Based Loan is an excellent financing option for businesses of all sizes and credit situations.

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Transportation Factoring

Fund your daily fuel needs, ongoing expenses, or fleet expansion goals with factoring advances up to 98% of the total invoice amount.

Staffing Industry Factoring

Cover your daily expenses and pay your employees on time every Friday with peace-of-mind using Accounts Receivable Financing.

Distribution Factoring

Expand your inventory or cover your overhead by letting Sell My Invoice purchase your monthly accounts receivables for immediate cash.

Manufacturing Factoring

Get funding to purchase the raw materials you need or pay your employees on time without waiting for clients to pay their invoices.

Oil & Gas Factoring

Handle payroll expenses or plan new projects with ease using debt-free Invoice Factoring.

Agriculture Factoring

Restock your inventory or pay monthly bills with same day financing from one of the only factoring companies willing to fund the agricultural industry.

Construction Factoring

Pay for special projects or daily expenses with same day cash for your accounts receivable invoices.

Small Business Factoring

Take advantage of debt-free financing and very high advances with Accounts Receivable Factoring services.

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How Invoice Factoring Works

Factoring is the perfect solution for many businesses, both small and large, to acquire immediate revenue without using debt financing. We pay cash for your outstanding accounts receivable invoices so that you don’t have to wait on slow paying clients before paying your employees, covering your daily expenses, or starting new projects. We will pay you a high advance up to 98% of your total receivables for your invoices within 24-hours. You’ll receive the remainder of the accounts receivable amount, less our small fee, as soon as your clients’ invoices are paid in full.

Sell My Invoice will function as part of your accounts receivable department, handling collections and payment processing so you can focus on production. Our advances are high, our payouts are immediate, and our rates are very competitive. That’s why clients trust Sell My Invoice with their funding and factoring needs. Contact us if you have questions about our services or to request a quote.

The Process Is Simple

Submit Invoices

Submit Your Invoices

You can submit your accounts payable invoices as often you want and with no monthly minimums.

High Money Advance

Acquire High Advance Within 24-hours

We offer same day payments. You’ll receive a large advance payment for most of the outstanding total immediately.

Receive Payment

Receive Final Payment When Clients Pay In Full

As soon as your clients pay their invoices, we’ll send you the remainder of the total, less our small fee.

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Financing Rates as low as 1.5%

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