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What Are The Benefits of Factoring Your Accounts Receivable?

Funding for Start-Ups

If you own a new company, you will likely not be able to receive financing from a bank for at least two years. That’s why startups in nearly every industry trust Sell My Invoice to fund their day to day expenses.

Same Day Payouts

Business loans often take at least a few weeks up to several months to get approved and receive funding. Sell My Invoice will purchase and pay cash for your monthly invoices within 24 hours.

High Advances

We pay the highest advances in the factoring industry compared to other factoring companies in the United States.

Administrative Services

When we purchase your accounts receivable invoices, we handle all administrative services needed for processing, collections, and more!

Reduced Overhead

Our comprehensive factoring services make it possible for you to reduce your overhead by saving on costs related to invoice processing and payment collection.

No Monthly Minimums

Many factoring companies require a minimum invoice amount before funding their customers. At Sell My Invoice, we are proud to work with businesses at every stage of operation, from large to small, including startups. That’s why we require no monthly minimum dollar amount to work with you. You will receive funding no matter the size of your operation.

No Debt or Interest Rate

Accounts Receivable Factoring is not a loan. We do not charge interest for our services. You are only responsible for a small fee which will come out of the invoice payments your customers pay.

Online Credit Checks

For your convenience, we offer online credit checks to give you total flexibility. After filling out the application, we will contact you with further information and get you approved ASAP for same day funding.

Local Decision Making

As an independently owned and operated business, our approval process is fast because it doesn’t require a board of directors. Your application goes directly to the underwriting department, and we will contact you quickly to approve your application.

2-5 Day Approval Process

Rather than waiting weeks or months to receive an answer from a loan officer, your representative at Sell My Invoice will contact you within 2-5 business days letting you know if you’ve been approved. You can turn in your invoices as early as that day to begin receiving funds immediately.

Highly Competitive Fees

Because factoring is not debt, we do not charge interest. Instead, our services cost a very small percentage of the total accounts receivable we purchase from you, which we can withhold from your clients’ invoice payments.

20 Years of Dependable Service

Our clients trust us to deliver same day payouts, high advances, and exceptional, ongoing service because we’ve proven the quality of our work since 2001.