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Purchase Order Financing

What is Purchase Order Financing?

A small to midsize manufacturing or distribution company attempting to grow often faces a dilemma. They need more customers to place orders so they can increase revenue, but they are often not financially able to purchase the raw materials necessary to fill those additional orders. If your business has experienced this situation, you may benefit from Purchase Order Financing.

PO Financing is a financing solution where your company can receive advance funding to fulfill orders so that you can increase your company’s revenue without turning customers away or taking out a loan. In short, we cover the expense for the raw materials you need and charge a small fee to help fulfill your orders.

How Does PO Financing Work?

If your company needs funds to purchase materials and fulfill its customer orders, we can help. We provide Purchase Order Financing to businesses who need it.
Here’s how it works:

Step 1 - Request PO Financing

If you receive orders that you cannot afford to fulfill, you don’t have to deny your customers their orders. Instead, contact Sell My Invoice and apply for PO Financing. We will process your application quickly and help you satisfy your customers’ needs.

Step 2 - We Cover A Portion Of Materials

During the application process, we assess your financial need and determine what portion of the cost of material we will cover, up to 100%. We purchase the materials you need directly from your supplier.

Step 3 - We Invoice Your Customer

Let us handle your collections and logistics for these orders. Your customers will pay us directly when their order is fulfilled.

Step 4 - You Get Paid

You get paid when we get paid. When your customers pay their invoices in full, we will send you the profit, minus the cost for materials and our Purchase Order Financing fee. This is the best way to continue serving your customers and growing your business when you do not have the funds to invest in growth.

Who Does PO Financing Help?

Purchase Order Financing is perfect for manufacturing or distribution companies who need help acquiring the inventory or raw materials needed to fulfill customer orders. If you’ve ever been forced to choose between applying for a business loan, turning customers away, or delaying order fulfillment due to a lack of funds, your company will benefit from Purchase Order Financing.

Please Note: Because there are no raw materials or inventory to purchase, PO Financing is not available for service companies. If you run a service company and need to acquire money quickly to cover your general overhead, payroll expenses, company expansion projects, Invoice Factoring may be an excellent option for your business.

How Will My Company Benefit From PO Financing?

PO Financing is one of the most cost-effective, and hassle-free options for startups and growing businesses to get the materials needed to provide their customers with quality products. Here are a few of the many value-added benefits PO Financing will offer your company:

  • Acquire immediate funding.
  • Never turn away potential clients again.
  • Get access to highly competitive rates.
  • Skyrocket your revenue.
  • Finance your need without a loan.
  • Fund your startups or growing business.
  • Let us handle logistics, collections, and processing.
  • Take advantage of our low bar application and credit checks.
  • Work with a financing company with a 20 year reputation for quality.

Get Started

If you would like to learn more about how Purchase Order Financing will help your business grow, increase revenue, and boost your bottom line, please contact Sell My Invoice anytime to discuss your needs and assess your company’s situation. We will provide a no-obligation consultation and recommend the most profitable option for your company.

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